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Abundant living through the healing of the mind, body and soul.

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Posted on December 18, 2012 at 2:05 PM
My debut on Missy Kane's Fit and Fun Show aired this morning.  As I watched I was reminded of my first day that I was to meet the team of Biggest Winner 2013.  We had to fast for a base line blood test.  I had a restless night and woke up around 3AM with a splitting headache and equally upset tummy.  I was scared, excited and not really sure what I had gotten myself into.  The only thing I knew to do was draw a tub of the hottest water I could stand and try to relax.  I had to get on the road by 6AM so I had enough time to try to get myself together.
As I allowed the hot water to run and the steam to rise around me I was transported three years back to a time when I could not step over the edge of the tub to take a shower.  I was not able get down and sit in the tub or lift myself up out of the tub.  Nor would I have been able to fit into the tub itself let alone have enough room for the water to surround my body. 
At this remembrance my heart began to beat rapidly and I thought my head was going to blow off my shoulders.  I put a hot wash cloth on my head and started sobbing with tears of overwhelming gratitude.  My husband awoke and came into the bathroom to see what was wrong.  I took one look at his precious smile mixed with concern and started laughing when I realized what I must have looked like. 
I shared with him my thoughts and we agreed this was a GREAT way to start Day 1.  We thought better of taking a photograph but that moment is indelibly marked in my memory.  My headache eventually subsided and I made my way to my first meeting.  A delicious fruit salad and a cup of hot coffee was very much enjoyed after my blood sample was taken.
Almost six weeks have passed since that first meeting.  I have lost an additional  12 pounds.  There have been good days and challenging days.  I have met and look forward to getting to know my team mates and those professionals and encouragers that are helping us all.
At one point in watching the show this morning, I momentarily forgot that I was the woman exercising with Missy and gained a renewed sense of encouragement and excitement to continue on this incredible journey to wellness and wellbeing.  If she can do it, so can I.  SO CAN WE ALL!
Namaste and Abundant, Abundant blessings,
©2012 Heidi Parunak/  All  rights reserved.  This material may not be published, rewritten, broadcast, recorded or redistributed without express permission.


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Reply Tonya
8:00 PM on December 18, 2012 
Love it! Thanks for sharing your heart, Heidi!
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